Home Heating Fuel
Home Heating Fuel
When it comes to heating your home, you can go a lot of places to get the fuel you need. As a homeowner, selecting the source for your heating oil shouldn’t be a difficult decision. You really want three things: a quality product, an excellent value and above all – dependable service.

Quality Is Our Cornerstone

That’s Good, Because Your Home Deserves The Best.

For more than 50 years, the employees of Webb’s Oil have been proud to provide the finest in home heating products and services. We load our fuel directly from the terminal so you can be sure you receive a superior product that provides cleaner burning and more efficient operation of your heating unit. We don’t expect anything less. You shouldn’t either.

An Excellent Value

Our "Best For Less Program”

With today’s economy we all have to keep careful track of how our money is spent. To provide customers significant savings on the cost of oil, we began our "Best For Less Program”. Customers still receive the same quality fuel, service and personal assistance, but at a significantly lower cost by paying for their fuel at the time of delivery. All customers receive metered delivery tickets.

We are able to pass on fuel savings to our customers because of the large volume discount we receive from our suppliers. 

At Webb’s Oil… If we save you save.

Our "Best For Less” customers monitor their own inventory and call for delivery as needed. Payment may be made by cash, check, money order, Visa or MasterCard.  Customer Loyalty coupons are mailed out for an additional savings to you.

For customers who prefer billing accounts, we offer terms, or budget plans to even out fuel costs throughout the year.

If you prefer, you can use our automatic delivery service and leave the scheduling of your home oil delivery to one of our dedicated Webb’s Oil employees. Call 362-3795 to find our which plan suits your specific needs.
We participate in the Fuel Assistance Program through the state and localities to provide fuel and service to those in need. 

Dependable Service

Webb’s Oil Treats Your Home Like… YOUR HOME.

Webb’s Oil delivers the level of service you expect as a homeowner. For each long time Webb’s Oil employee, your home is considered to be your home – not a jobsite. We recognize the investment in your home and are dedicated to protecting it. Webb’s Oil has taken specific measures to ensure that your needs are met time and time again.

Delivery Is Fast and Friendly

With a large fleet of state of the art radio dispatched trucks, you’ll never run short of fuel, even in the coldest months of winter. 24 hour burner service repair is also available. We pride ourselves in the service that we provide and we want to hear from you.  You will receive a follow up call from us after every delivery to ensure that we provided the product and service that you expect from us.  We appreciate your feedback!  The date of your last delivery is kept on file so that we can give you a courtesy call to remind you when you may need to refill your tank.

Webb’s Oil provides warmth and comfort to families with a product, value and service that truly is a tradition. Call Webb’s Oil Corporation today at 362-3795 and discover why Webb’s Oil… Fuels The Valley.
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